Smart Robots, thanks to its cutting edge perception and intelligence technologies, assists and supports human operators in factories.

The product combines perception and reasoning capabilities, in a single object of moderate size and weight that can be placed on a stand or on a wall. The product provides real-time mapping of the workspace, recognition of people’s movements, actions and gestures.

These capabilities are applied to certify and guide humans operations, in order to improve process quality and reduce human errors. When connected to a cobot, Smart Robots product enables real human-cobot interaction, by adapting and synchronizing the programs of the cobot to human actions.

Smart Robots enhances the human operator to reduce errors, double its productivity, improving also work-station quality and ergonomics.


Perception is the result of three skills: tracking and recognition
of human movements, a capacity to read human gestures
and objects recognition.


Human Tracking

Monitoring the operator's movements and predicting the occupied space.
Operator motion and its hands are tracked in real-time.
Human actions are available information to activate specific robot tasks.


The cognitive capabilities of the system provide new paradigms
of support to human operator, in purely manual activities,
or in hybrid human-robot collaborative stations.


Sequence Checking

Operator motions and actions are tracked in 3D and compared
with the correct sequence providing him guidance
in real-time and feedback in case of errors