Robots MEET Humans

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SMART ROBOTS provides advanced perception and intelligent capabilities to robots, enabling new disruptive forms of collaboration with human beings.
The working environment knowledge and the recognition of human intentions are applied to perform the best decision for process efficiency and human compliance.

What Smart Robots offers



Exploiting combined use of advanced sensors Smart Robots enables human tracking, object recognition and environmental perception.


Continuous interpretation of the environment allows robots to be more flexible to configuration variability and to react to sudden changes.


Combined use of voice commands, gesture and human intention recognition allow new forms of interaction both during programming and operational phases.


Integrated Artificial Intelligence is able to reschedule actions in real time to optimize workstation efficiency. Learning algorithms are employed to adapt to workplace changes and human routines.



Who we are

The company is a spin-off from e-Novia, a startup factory based in Milan, and it keeps a deep collaboration with Merlin Research group from Politecnico di Milano, exploiting over 10 years of R&D in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

Smart Robots is built on passionate people with postgraduate degrees from software and robotics engineering to product design.

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